Zone Lead

Location: Mexico

Company: Rappi Business

Work Type: Fulltime - Remote - Client

Offered salary:


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We are looking for a Zone Lead!

Job Description

The main function of the Darkstore Lead is to be a facilitator, sustainer and controller in the work of Store Managers on its region, definning acting plans to accomplish established goals and to look for a team development and operations.

Job Requirements

- Visit at least 2 times per week every Store.
- Do a guided visit with a check list to every store at least 1 time per week.
- Training, support and evaluation of store teams.
- Presence and accompaniment in the day to day of the DarkStore: Receipt, Picking, follow-up orders.
- Guarantee the productivity of the operators and optimization of picking-up times.
- Organize and apply the parameters of Lay Out according to the capacity of the store and defined parameters.
- Monitor and apply continuous improvement actions for delivery times (Delivery Time).
- Inventory and shrinkage control (Known + Unknown).
- Monitor and follow up on the sanitation and block processes in stores.
- Manage and generate solutions to situations that arise in the DarkStore
- Quality control and state of the merchandise in the Stores
- Replicate and ensure the implementation in DS of the established processes or central solutions.
- Ensure the continuous training of the Supervisors and Operators of its stores.
- Ensure compliance with health and legal regulations
- Accompaniment to their teams in the search for strategies to achieve incentives and results.
- Replicate and guarantee management of established Marketing strategies.
- Coordination with the different areas for store openings or movements.
- Control of shortages, monitoring and withdrawal processes of the stores in charge.

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